Leaving the Pain: How to Take Control of what you Can’t Always Control

Recognizing my tolerance for the situation has allowed me to gain control of the situation. It's allowed me to look through a new lense.. a new perspective, and it's given me more power to ensure that it will never happen again. I am able to react now; to put my foot down and draw the line in the sand. 


Living in the Moment

Too often we become afraid to lose the things we love; the things we are interested in, the relationships we are scared of, the new opportunities presented before us.. and in being afraid, we sabotage our likelihood of maintaining these things. We need to stop living in our heads, and live in our moments. 

The Courage to Move On

The sad truth about these attachments, is that they hold bars in our heads that are so hard to break down. It takes courage to point out these weaknesses within us. It takes bravery to say, "enough is enough." And most importantly, it takes reminding yourself everyday that you are worthy of moving on. Moving on from drugs, or gambling, or sex addictions.. mental illness stigmas or body shaming or personal insecurities, toxic relationship patterns and isolation tendencies, controlling or demeaning behaviors, the little evils that sit on our shoulders in our most vulnerable moments. 

Tactics of a Gaslighter

Gaslighting is a tactic that controllers, abusers, and narcissists use to brainwash the people around them. It's a slow moving tactic designed to make their victims feel crazy, isolated, unstable, and dependent. And let me tell you, it works.