Why I am Damaged Goods

Bordering Beautiful

I am a 22 year old single mother of 3 kids under 4, (wow, what a mouthful). When I think of my recent adult life, for the most part, I am blessed. I have 3 beautiful babies, I am healthy and well. I am capable of working, going to school, learning a trade, traveling the world. I am capable of doing most tangible things on this earth, and for that, I am grateful.

We all know that those aren鈥檛 really the things that define us, though. Those aren鈥檛 the things we lay awake thinking about at 3am; those aren鈥檛 the things we shed heartbroken tears over. Those are the things we use to cover up deep insecurities and jagged scars.

Take a look at my Facebook page, or my Instagram or Snapchat. I look happy, I look strong, I look confident. You can see that I鈥檓 a proud mom. You鈥

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