*Trigger Warning: It Won’t Happen Again

Because this is SO, so important.

Bordering Beautiful

Disclaimer: The story represented below is a true recollection of ongoing abuse I endured for a period of time in my previous abusive relationship, paraphrased as best as possible. I am not sharing this to gain sympathy, to be sought at differently, or to receive any form of accolades for eventually moving on. I am sharing this because there is such a heavy stigma with abuse that does not leave marks; the kind that cannot be seen by others. As I have moved on from my past and created a wonderful future with my current spouse, I would like to make it clear that this post is in no way being made to give the illusion that I still struggle with what my abuser did to me. I refuse to give him that power. With that said, this post contains graphic content that may offend, repulse, or trigger a number鈥

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