Single Momming

Single momming-

It’s late nights and early mornings, it’s unexpected bills and utility shut-off warnings.

It’s working your butt off to provide for these littles, it’s waking up to your kids eating a breakfast of Skittles.

It’s hustling and bustling to get the job done, because no one else will, you are second to none.

It’s cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more.. honestly, your life feels like one big chore.

It’s rejecting fun things and sticking to what’s mundane- like work instead of coffee dates, bedtime tuck-ins instead of restaurant plates, sleeping alone instead of spooning your mate.

It’s crying yourself to sleep because you don’t know how you’ll do it, it’s lying there in the dark- praying to God to help you through it.

It’s laundry and cooking and driving and playing- there’s no time for ‘you’, who are we kidding.

Single momming isn’t easy but the love that’s earned is; it’s gaining the role of Superwoman- in the eyes of your kids.

It’s doing all that you can because no one else is there- but it’s taking all the love from those littles because there’s no one else to share.

Being a mom is the best job in the world; it’s the hardest but most rewarding, humbling but most achieving, loving but mostly grieving.

It’s hard to slow down and take it all in, but moms: I’m begging you: please remember where you’ve been. Remember the hard times as well as the good, remember what got you here- you’re doing what no one else thought you could.

Take a deep breath and remember who loves you. You are the world to those kids and they’re yours too.. take a moment to breathe, as time stops for very few.

I know it is stressful and I know it is hard, but single mommas out there: I’m with you in prayer. Keep doing what you’re doing, your kids will see, too..

Because single momming: your kids’ superhero, is you. 


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