Gaslighting is Abuse

Gaslighters function off the confusion and absolute mayhem they create for you- the hysteria that consumes your brain because while red flags are going off everywhere about this person, for some reason.. you believe it is your fault.


‘My Mom’s Boyfriend’

You can tell a lot about a man's true intentions by how he speaks about you and your children, and refers to possessions you may or may not have together. My only hope is that all of you can listen and catch these little details, as they are subtle cues that will foreshadow what you deal with in the future.

Being Mom when you’re Barely Yourself

Being so blessed to have the title of 'Mom' means so many things; it means 'Organizer' and 'Planner' and 'Cleaner.' It means 'Fix-It Lady' and 'Cooking Lady' and 'Chauffer Lady.' It means you get to take care of endless laundry, calculate the finances, schedule appointments, meet with teachers, plan the meals, buy the necessities, kiss the boo-boos. It means you are responsible for another person's life more than your own. It means dignity and beauty and compassion and power.

Adulting Like a Toddler

The main issue here, stems from being broken. It rises from insecurities and shortcomings and strong tendencies to protect myself. After you've been hurt before, and I mean bad, it becomes nearly impossible to be readily vulnerable. Vulnerability is a scary place, and with each emotion that brings me there, my fight or flight kicks in (almost simultaneously).

Please Help Me Find Her

As I tucked my children in bed tonight, I reminded them about our day and how wonderfully kind the woman at the store was. If there's anything I wanted to come of it, it's that my kids learn the value in being compassionate towards others. Of being appreciative for what is given. Of practicing humility when it's least convenient.

Everything That is You

I'll never forget the way you looked at me only a week after we met, when we laughed for hours about nonsense that made us cross our eyes and sweat. You threw your head back and sighed, "I feel like I'm in high school again," and we locked eyes. I could feel what you meant. We laughed like love-struck teenagers, and we fell in love like we were each other's firsts.

Motherhood isn’t For Me

Be honest with yourself; have you? Have you thought about it in those moments of overwhelming exhaustion? In those times where kids are screaming, babies are crying, everyone is needing and wanting and demanding? Have you wondered if your children deserve better, because you are falling short?聽