For Everyone Who Thinks I am Strong

And right now; today, this hour, this minute, right this second... I am not the strong one.   Is that okay?


Check on your Strong Friends

The moral to this story: it's okay to need help. It's okay to need extra care. For someone who absolutely despises needing any interventions at all from anybody, this has been a major struggle for me.. but I'm realizing that it's all in my head. I have created a power struggle between myself, and myself. The 'me' that wants to be happy and healthy and the 'me' who has grown comfortable with toxicity and mania.

Have Mercy

I felt totally and wholly convicted in attending, yet I honestly wanted to do anything but. I'm sharing this, because I feel that too often there's a stigma with Christians. That everything about their faith is exciting and breezy and proactive. That is not the case (and that isn't a sin). Faith is hard; and the battle with Satan that comes along with faith, is even harder. 

Why We All Need to Stop Crying (And do Something About it)

It isn't the events in our lives that define us, it's our reactions to them. We can either choose reaction or contentment; and with the latter, we lose our right to complain. There will always be a way out of that dark hole that consumes us. If I choose right now to be totally content with my misfortune, totally content with my financial situation and the outlook of my future (which doesn't look very bright without my own efforts), I am relinquishing my right to feel sorry for myself. Why? Because I have the tools to make something great of my future.. and if I choose not to do so, I only have myself to blame.