Parenting in Candy Land

So often I forget all of these things and place blame on the need for discipline or structure or parental control. But the truth of the matter is: parenting isn’t a power struggle, it’s a learning lesson. It’s a growth experiment. It’s an, “I want to teach you all that I can so you will grow up and be all that you can.”

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When My Sons are Men

When my sons are men, I pray they forgive me for my mistakes. I pray they remember the times I was tired and worn out and stretched way too thin- and when they have kids of their own, that they’ll understand then.

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Single Momming

It’s hard to slow down and take it all in, but moms: I’m begging you: please remember where you’ve been. Remember the hard times as well as the good, remember what got you here- you’re doing what no one else thought you could.

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Why I Have Failed my Children

So often, we worry so much about the end goal -taking care of everyone, finishing school, promoting at work, getting through the season- that we forget WHY we are motivated to do those things. We forget about our reasons. We become so consumed in “getting through life” that we forget to stop and ENJOY life.

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‘My Mom’s Boyfriend’

You can tell a lot about a man’s true intentions by how he speaks about you and your children, and refers to possessions you may or may not have together. My only hope is that all of you can listen and catch these little details, as they are subtle cues that will foreshadow what you deal with in the future.

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Now, take a deep breath; and imagine just the opposite. Two years have gone by and your life has changed in ways you never could have imagined. Your heart has healed. Your mental and emotional health is accounted for. There’s a man in your life who reminds you just how loyal, loving, passionate, and driven you are. He encourages your self-improvement and pours himself into you daily. His family and friends have stepped up and offered their resources, things they were never obligated to do (but that’s just the kind of people they are). You have accepted help when it was hard, and, in turn.. gained a higher sense of respect and humility.

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Mother’s Day

No matter how you became a mom, how things have changed since, how much help you have or how little you get.. take pride in your work as a mom today. There is no other love in the world like the kind that your children have for you. And as much as I’d like a break (and vacation too), I will never find a love so true.

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Never Too Late

Parents: splits and break-ups and divorces are hard on all of us.. but just imagine how these little kids feel. They don’t understand why Mom and Dad can’t get along; they don’t understand why Dad can’t come around Mom; they don’t understand why they have to go to a random public place to sit in a room alone with the parent they’ve only seen a handful of times recently. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. And they shouldn’t have to.

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